Water-Based Stain Options

We love all the beautiful stains available on the market today but the hassle of cleaning up an oil-based stain is not ideal in what we do. I don't think our hostesses would appreciate the harshness an oil-based stain leaves behind. 

We have learned that a water-based stain is exactly what we need for when we travel! We have six beautiful colors available at all of our workshops and can mix up a custom color at your request. 

The benefit of using a stain as your background on your decor piece is to allow the wood grain to shine through. This will give the ultimate rustic look to your piece. 

TIP# 1 - When using our stains, consider contrasting colors for your design. A dark painted design will not show up very well on a dark stained background. Just remember: dark background = light design; light background = dark design. 

TIP# 2 - Be extra careful not to smear or smudge paint on your stained background. If you need to touch up any imperfections, the stain will not cover paint, you'll need to sand and restain the area in question.