Hosting is simple.

You provide the space with sufficient tables and direct access to a sink with running hot water and we will do the rest! 

If you have a location that is within 40 miles of Fort Recovery, Ohio, we will travel to you! To justify our travel, we ask that you have a minimum sales for your workshop depending on location. 

Miles from Fort Recovery, OH Minimum Workshop Sales 
0-20 $300.00
21-40 $500.00
>40 contact us


Once we determine a date, we will create a Facebook Event with a special ID that is unique to your workshop. Share this event with your family and friends and make sure they order their projects at least ONE WEEK before the workshop. This allows us time to prep your projects. Unfortunately, projects ordered without sufficient notice may be canceled with email notification.  

Many times, hosts/hostesses will provide light snacks and beverages or they tell all their guests to BYOB. This is completely up to you as a host/hostess in what you would like to offer your guests. 

The day of the workshop, we will arrive approximately 15-30 minutes before the workshop start time. We will use this time to set up all the projects and tools needed to complete each project. Once everyone arrives, we will begin with our standard introduction and then we will go over an overview of  the process in which you and your guests will go through to complete your projects. Don't worry! We have written instructions too!

Once everyone has completed their projects, we love to end each workshop with a group photo. This is a great way to see how great each project turned out! We just love seeing everyone's creativity and uniqueness!

Why Host?

There are many reasons why our hosts/hostesses decide to share us with their family and friends! 

They love to be creative! Being creative is fun and who doesn't like to have fun?! A handmade home decor piece has a better story to tell than the piece bought from any store!  

They enjoy getting together with their family and friends! Getting together with the ones you love is always an adventure! Pair it with a Yellow Dandelion Workshop and everyone has a beautiful home decor piece to remember the day by. Whether you're getting together to celebrate someone's upcoming nuptials, a team building event for your company, a mini family reunion or simply a bunch of friends who want to spend time together - any reason is a great reason!

They are in it for the discount! Let's be honest, who doesn't want to save money? Hosting is a great way to earn a discount toward your project or additional project kits for after the workshops! Our rewards are always changing so check the website banner for the current reward!


What are you waiting for?

Select an open date below and start scheduling your workshop! Once we receive your request, we will confirm the date and time works for our schedule and respond back to you with a Party ID# so your guests can start ordering!