In August of 2017, 12-year old, Brooklyn, asked her mother to buy her a cell phone; however, she was told that she was not old enough and that she would simply need to wait a little bit longer unless she earned enough money to buy one herself. According to her mother, if she bought one herself, she had to save up double the amount of the cost of the phone to help pay for the monthly service.

After attending a craft workshop, Brooklyn knew she wanted to create signs and then sell them. She pitched the idea to her mother and with her parents' blessing, she decided to pursue a side business making signs to sell. It was decided that this opportunity would be a great way to earn Girl Scout badges and a great way to build work ethic while learning about business. Brooklyn learned about many different business-related topics over the course of many months. One of the many Girl Scout badges Brooklyn earned in the very beginning was “Business Plan” and part of that badge was to come up with a mission statement which is:



Coming up with a business name didn’t take too long. Yellow dandelions are often given to a special someone by a child. In that child’s eyes, this weed is a beautiful flower, bright and cheery and since this is a business started by a child, what better name! Beauty is perceived differently from one person to another but it is important to find beauty in everything we come in contact with. We live in an imperfect world and with that we need to find a way to embrace imperfections so we can see the beauty that is sometimes hidden from plain view.


As time went by, things started to progress more quickly. In January 2018, Yellow Dandelion Workshops officially became a registered business in the state of Ohio. Workshops were becoming booked solid for months at a time and unfortunately some potential hostesses were being turned away due to the lack of availability. Brooklyn and her mother were averaging 8-11 workshops per month (sometimes 4 in a single weekend!) while still maintaining school, work and extracurricular activities like camping, school sports and more!  September 2018, YDW brought on the very first Independent Consultant - Brandye Patterson to help spread Brooklyn’s mission to embrace imperfections and uniqueness! After the first Independent Consultant was signed, many more requests have been made to join Yellow Dandelion Workshops which will be evaluated and may happen very soon!

We are excited to see what the future brings and would love to share our message with you!