From the very beginning, Yellow Dandelion Workshops was started to teach a young child what it takes to run a business. Brooklyn has learned that having a business is not just about making money. It is about offering a quality product you stand behind 100%, spreading a message of significance to everyone you have to opportunity to meet and giving back to your community. 

A community should be a place where you feel safe and protected by the other people you share it with. Our community has been more than supportive personally and professionally which is why Brooklyn has decided to give back to a place we call home.

For every Party Project purchased in 2018, Brooklyn has decided to donate $1 from her own commissions to a community project of her choice in the Spring of 2019. For anyone who would like to match her donation, all tips collected at her workshops and Charity Round Up contributions made online with your Party Projects will be added to her final donation total. Stay tuned for a press release after the first of the year which will include the story and pictures when her community project is completed!