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Sylvie White Frame (Black, 9" x 12")
Sylvie White Frame (Black, 9" x 12")

Sylvie White Frame (Black, 9" x 12")

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PLEASE NOTE: Photo will be used as inspiration only. We reserve the right to modify your design so that it works with our machine and does not cause copyright infringement.

Update your home decor with this high quality, lightly textured, pre-finished black board with attached premium white frame. It is lightweight, durable and non-magnetic.

Overall dimensions are 9" x 12""
Yellow Dandelion Workshops is now offering pre-finished surfaces to their line of quality workshop projects! Spend more time socializing instead of watching paint dry! Half the work is done for you and all you need to do is put your design on your pre-finished project surface! 

Each Pre-Finished Wood project includes two (2) Chalkology™ Paste Singles! You may purchase additional colors here. If you have never worked with Chalkology™ Paste before, you are going to love it! Not only is it easier to work with, but it is also easier to correct innocent mistakes that sometimes happens in the overexcited moments of crafting! 

Another great option Chalkology™ Paste brings to Yellow Dandelion Workshops is the versatility to be removed and redesigned for a new season or new fresh look! Whether you are looking for a permanent option or an option that allows you to update without the expense of buying a brand new surface each time, Yellow Dandelion Workshops has an option for you! 





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